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SOMETIME BETWEEN 12:45 and 1:00 A.M. an explosion blew the boat dock at 700 Arvida Parkway into Biscayne Bay.

The charge took out the wooden surface of the dock, the heavy planks, the steel davits, ripped out a section of the cement retaining wall, sheared off the pilings to leave splintered stubs that barely cleared the surface of the water, and shattered a sliding glass door on the sundeck of the house. Fortunately Mr. de Boyas $350,000 yacht, El Jefe, was moored at Dinner Key where Mr. de Boya had picked up guests, business associates, earlier in the evening and had returned there to drop them off at the time of the explosion. It was heard in downtown Miami.

Coral Gables Police called Dade County Public Safety and a bomb squad was at the scene by 1:30. They picked up pieces of wood and metal strewn over the lawn and would find out through gas chromatograph tests of residue the explosive used was C4 plastique. A Coral Gables detective said, The fuckers are at it again. He put 700 Arvida on the computer to see if it was a hot address, if it had ever been used as a safe house where marijuana and cocaine were off-loaded, and found no reference. Andres de Boyas name went into the computer and came out clean. They didnt notice the graffiti, spray-painted in red on the cement pillars in front of the property, until daylight. They thought about calling in the Bureau but decided to wait. Dope or political, it was still within their jurisdiction and the graffiti could be either. Some kind of Latin dramatic effect that said, on all four of the cement pillars:



When Corky pulled up to the Jordan Marsh entrance to Dadeland the doorman was on the spot. He offered Mary his hand and slammed the door as Corky said, Wait! Mrs. de Boya? She stooped a little to look at him through the dark glass, almost invisible behind the wheel of the Cadillac. He was gesturing as he said, Im suppose to go in with you. Wait, please. I have to park.

Mary said, Thats all right. Ill see you here in about an hour.

She heard Corky say, What? Wait, please!

Tell him, will you? Mary said to the doorman. She tried not to run entering the store. But once inside restraint gave way to eager expectation; it hurried her through Jordan Marsh and down the length of the Dadeland Mall to an entrance near the east end. She sprinted now, out into sunlight, saw the old white Mercedes waiting and almost cheered.

Im late, Mary said, catching her breath now, inside the car, as Moran drove through the crowded parking area toward an exit.

Five minutes. Boy, you look great.

Im perspiring.

Good. Well take a shower. You know we havent taken a shower yet?

She seemed surprised. Wherere we going?

A new place. Change our luck.

They drove up Dixie to the University Inn across from the U of M campus where Moran had already got a room and iced the wine, just right, waiting for them. He poured glasses as she slumped into a chair, legs apart, flattening her tan skirt between her thighs on the seat.


She took the hotel-room glass of wine and drank half of it down before her shoulders sagged and she began to relax.

You better love me, Moran.

Look at me, Im dying.

I mean you better be in love with me.

I am, Moran said. Listen, if it was just getting laid there a lot easier ways. Hed better soften that and said, You bet I love you. Boy, do I.

She said, Do you, really?

He wondered how a woman like Mary could have doubts about herself. He came over in the pale light and pulled her up gently, wrapped bare sun-brown arms around her and told her how good she made him feel and how he thought about her and couldnt be without her. She said again what she had told him before, I dont want to lose you. He told her it wasnt possible. He told her they couldnt lose each other now. He paused. Was he holding back? No, he was running out of words. He told her they couldnt be pried apart with a crowbar or cut apart, they were sealed together for good. He believed it with the feeling she did too, now. Everything was all right; even with Corky waiting they could make slow love and lie in silence after, looking at each other. Save conversation. What more was there to say?

They talked while they were getting dressed.

She told him the police were in and out of the house all day yesterday investigating the explosion, questioning her, the help, Andres, mostly Andres. Their tone wasnt suspicious but their questions were, trying to find out what Andres was into, if Dominican revolutionary or anti-government factions had ever threatened him before. Moran let her tell what she knew, Mary standing at the mirror brushing her hair.

Then he told her about Jiggs Scully in the Mutiny Bar, and she put the brush down and stood very still. Moran ended with a flat statement.

He knows Andres has at least a couple million hidden in the house. He wants us to tell him where it is. If we do hell go in, take the money and hell kill Andres, as a favor.

She said, A favor, wide-eyed.

We sail off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

The room was as silent as he could remember a room being silent, going back to when he was a little boy lying in bed during his afternoon nap, wide awake. Mary walked to a chair but didnt sit down; she turned to Moran again. He was sitting on the side of the bed with a tennis shoe in his hand.

I have to tell him, Mary said.

He gave her time.

You understand that, dont you? I have to.

The only thing Im sure of, Moran said, somebodys trying to use us. A guy talks to me out of the side of his mouth like Im one of the boys. Why? As far as he knows Im a decent, law-abiding citizen. Its true you and I happen to have something going-

Thats quaint, George. Something going.

Something special, soon to be-you know-out in the open, aboveboard. Let me just tell you the rest, okay? The question is, first, why would he think wed go along?

Thats right, hed be taking a chance, Mary said.

A big one. But lets say we do. We tell Jiggs where the moneys hidden and close our eyes. What happens then?

You just said-hell kill Andres.

Are we positive?

Mary frowned, shaking her head. I dont understand.

What if the whole things your husbands idea?

She hesitated now. You think Andres is using Scully?

You go to your husband and tell him his lifes in danger. Whats the first thing he asks you?

God, youre right.

You didnt hear it at the Dadeland shopping mall. But say you tell him, Moran said, and now its confirmed, Andres knows weve been seeing each other. What does he do then? He saw a different look come into Marys eyes. You know him better than I do, but he doesnt seem the type that loses gracefully. What does he do to you when you tell him?

Marys reaction surprised him: the look of calm that came into her eyes as she listened.

Youre right, it sounds like him. Its the roundabout way he thinks the son of a bitch. She sat down in the chair, thoughtful.

But we arent sure, Moran said. Theres the matter of your dock blowing up. Would Andres go that far?

Mary shook her head. No, hes not gonna do something that makes him look vulnerable. Unless-why would it have to be part of Andress scheme?

All I know is, Moran told her, Jiggs said hed make the hit look political. Like some revolutionary group out to get your husband But why does he tell me all this if theres a good chance Im gonna tell you and youre gonna tell Andres?

She said, He must be awfully sure wed go along. Or its worth the chance. He can always deny it. Which brings us back to the only question that means anything. Do I tell Andres or not?

Mary looked like a young girl sitting in the chair, biting her lower lip now, though more preoccupied than frightened: an imaginative girl wondering how to tell her parents she was pregnant.

She said, If something did happen to Andres

He said, Mary, we dont need help. We dont have to hope he gets a heart attack or falls off his boat. All we have to do is walk away.

She said, I know. Im not hoping for anything like that, and looked at him with clear eyes. But it would be nice, wouldnt it?

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